Welcome to the world of Iryna Feinblatt, where fine art and fashion merge to create exquisite silk scarves. Filigree patterns meet bright colors, flora and fauna enter into fairy-tale alliances. The natural beauty of summer radiates from all the motifs, which may also be due to the fact that the original motifs of our designer collection are printed in Italy on special and high-quality silk.

INSPIRATION - CREATIVITY - BEAUTY Designer silk scarves by IrynaFeinblatt are created by hand from sketch to production. The products of the collection are characterized by creativity and combine personalized, thematic collections and patterns in silk fabric with modern motifs for lovers of radiant fashion. Our products are made in a place where the art of silk processing has a long tradition and high quality, namely in charming Italy, in the vicinity of Lake Como, famous for the production of fabrics of excellent quality and stunning beauty.Each scarf is special , colorful and pleasant to the touch, which you can use at any time of the year as a foulard, headband, neck scarf, modern tie, belt accessory, pocket square, bandana and unisex scarf. You can also decorate your interior as a wall panel or wall decoration, because it is a real bright work of art that will give you the mood and colors of a sunny summer.

NATURE-INSPIRED LUXURYOur eco-friendly scarves, designed with a vision to create sustainable and environmentally conscious products that make a positive impact. Crafted with the utmost care, these scarves are made from natural silk and cashmere fabrics that offer a luxurious feel and vibrant colours, all while helping women express their unique style and love for nature. At our core, we believe in taking responsibility for our planet by using only natural materials for our scarves. By making a conscious choice to avoid synthetic fabrics, we're doing our part to reduce the environmental impact caused by harmful materials. Instead, we focus on the exceptional beauty and sustainability of cashmere and silk. Embodying elegance and luxury, these scarves become a true fashion accessory for women who seek both style and a greener future. They serve as a reminder that we can embrace sophistication without compromising the environment. Let our scarves not only enhance your look but also serve as a symbol of our joint responsibility to protect our beautiful world. Join us in making a difference, one exquisite accessory at a time.